Shore Rides - US$120 (cash only) Duration: 1hr 10mins.  Includes trek along the shoreline of a quiet beach and photo shoot opportunity,

Local Resident Rates:

Shore Rides - CI$65

Water Ride Combo - CI$120

(cash only)

Private Rides available - Shore Ride US$150, Water Ride Combo $180 (cash only).

Water Ride Combo - US$150 (cash only) Duration: 2hrs.  Includes 1hr 20 mins trek along the shore line, 20 mins bareback in the water and photo shoot opportunity.

Weddings - CI$250 for 1st hr, CI$100 each additional hour.

Moonlight Rides - US$150 (cash only).  Check calendar for dates.

School Field Trips - CI$8.00 per child.

Riding Lessons - CI$150 per hr

(cash only)

Children's Parties, Fairs, Family Reunions and Corporate Events: CI$250 for 1st hr, CI$100 each additional hour.  Extra horses available.

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