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In 1996 Noland founded Coral Stone Stables and opened the doors of his stables with select bloodlines of American Quarter Horse all carefully chosen for breeding, temperament, training and color.  Twenty one years later Coral Stone Stables is still owned and operated by Noland and now boasts a stable with 18 heads of horse, consisting of Arabians and Quarter horses.

Coral Stone Stables offers beach rides from the novice to experienced rider, a

choice of a walk along the shoreline or a daring adventurous ride bareback through the crystal clear warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, a huge favorite!  The horses at parties and celebratory events are in demand as the years have proven how much excitement these gorgeous animals add to make a simple event, a truly memorable occasion.

So, whenever you planning an event or just want to ride, contact us today, you can be sure that we will make your horseback riding experience quite memorable!

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